Italian Fish

Welcome to Italian Fish, an international conglomerate of companies, service providers and bad ideas. The full list of our subsidiaries is on the right menu bar. (You may have gotten here from any of those domains. Welcome! Here are descriptions of each of them.) Please visit each of them for more information.

I always wanted to be rich and famous. Well, rich. The way to do that today seems to be becoming a celebrity, for which I have no aptitude (or physique), or starting a world-famous company which people have heard about, but nobody is really sure what it does. I have started a number of small companies, but none of them ever took off – and I realized it is because none of them had a cool, meaningless brand name.

All the cool domain names are held by squatters (there’s a business I should have started years ago.)

This domain name was left. Italian Fish. Easy to pronounce, two independent entities that make sense together. As a brand, it can be anything – a restaurant, women’s shoes, a cool boutique, a search engine. So, there’s lots of room for growth and diversification. This is a good thing, since I have dabbled in creating an on-demand airline, band management (Stagecoach VII), running a railroad and light entertainment (FEBBS), so far.

I just have to figure out what I’m going to be when I grow up.

Your Bartender

Rev. Kevin John Gilhooly
Dallas, TX and the Seven Seas